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In this modern world, where success is not just knowledge alone - but the way in which this knowledge is applied, people should not underestimate the power of jigsaw puzzles.

Jigsaw puzzles are a unique combination of challenging the mind, while also relaxing it.

Unlike gadgets and buttons, where you are a passive observer of the creative process, the only parameter set-out in a jigsaw puzzle, is the final image – how you get to that image is dependent solely on your own intuition and determination.

The ever pervasive pressure of being 'plugged in', with a frenzy of noise and flashes, temptations and hopelessness, the internet, social media and ipods games, is it too far to ask if we have been taken over by all this?

Are people required to build an imagination anymore? All the basic building-blocks are spoon-fed to people every step of the way. Your tasks are at best to display a very clinical type of perseverance to reach the final level, and at worst where you are required to do nothing more than sit, stare and listen. In the 1980's it was be a lawyer, then later came the IT professional, then the real estate agent, the banker, the mining engineer. Pick your job, get married, have children and plug in . . . 

With jigsaw puzzles you must work out what must be done and when to do it. You have complete control over every step of the process, and every piece that goes in is solely the result of your efforts. Without a strategy, or considering all the options you won’t get as far as fast, although as long as you stick at it, you will get there.

A brief rundown on what Plato Puzzles jigsaws are all about . . .








These are also the key ingredients for all success in life.

Developing the skills in life is a key aspect to jigsaw puzzles that people under-estimate. Just like the effect of reading a novel on vocabulary and spelling, the jigsaw puzzle stimulates and develops many of the key areas of mental alertness, strategic thought, patience and determination to reach final goals. As any jigsaw enthusiast will attest, there is no better feeling than that moment where you place the last piece in, where you stand back and see the completed image for the first time. Scanning across the picture you recall the parts that where difficult, the details of the picture you may have liked. Having watched the image slowly come together, finally seeing it completed is a feeling everyone should have at some time in their life.

But talking of success is to start at the end, what gets you there at the end of the day, is determination, strategy and perseverance. Not that it is hard work. Once you leap into it, an entertaining jigsaw puzzle will totally subsume the leisure hours of anyone who dares to take the challenge on.

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