Adult wooden Jigsaw Puzzles


Currently – as at September, 2018, we are making all our puzzles in 3mm MDF Timber, at standard A4 or A3 size final sizes.

So at 42cms x 29.7cms, the jigsaws are not large . . .  BUT we are very high quality saw cutters, and as a result we can create not just beautiful and timeless jigsaws, but also fairly testing challenges.

Whilst the longest challenge may be 4 to 6 hours for a puzzler of adequate skill, (maybe 3 hours for the advanced aficionado).

Yet when we considered the restraints on time and focus in today’s hectic existence, we actually found that for many – this is exactly what they were after.

So if you like difficult, but without the several days or weeks that many challenges involve. Then the Plato Puzzles adult wooden puzzles make an excellent choice.

Also the difficulty level is spot on for school ages 12 to 18. Whether in primary or high school, the range of harder puzzles fit both the space constraints and the time allocation ideal for pupils of these ages.

Our Adult Puzzles come in two styles –

  1. The frame tray puzzle (the puzzle sits in a frame)

A3 JIGSAW SIZES – 100, 125, 150 and 176 pieces

All puzzles include a rear information sheet about the artist, the artwork and the culture that underpins it.


Selected examples of the 176 piece tray puzzles . . .

It took exactly 92 minutes for what I would call a “darn fine” puzzler, (no folks – not me) to finish. Here are some action shots . . .


So needless to say, enormous fun was had by all!! The puzzler felt like she was a victim of paparazzi the way I hassled her through-out the challenge!! Ahhh good times . . .

2. The Floor Puzzle, (the puzzle without a base)

A3 JIGSAW SIZES – 100, 150, 176 and 204 pieces

All puzzles are packaged in the calico “swag bag” and include an A4 size “map” to build the jigsaw and a information card about the artist, the artwork and the culture that underpins it.

An example of a 204 piece swag bag wooden jigsaw puzzle


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