WDAW – Jigsaw Puzzle



This artwork is a wonderful representation of Robert unique vision of the koori Dreaming. The spirit of Creation Ancestors alive in all things are represented by the ‘bow ties’. The energy of the Ancestors, as represented by the dots and lines, feeds life-force into our world. All the great animals created by our Spirit Ancestors during their roaming of our land are represented.

This artwork is a journey into the realm of the Dreaming, and its use of unique dot and x-ray technique to represent the creative spirit inside us all and its connection with the Ancestor spirits.

Robert always sought to visualise the great gift nature gave to all Australians. For him, this land was the greatest work of the Creation Ancestors. Our life is truly wild, unshaped and unaffected by the workings of man. Deep in our isolated bush, these wonderous animals live a life true to their Ancestors, thus their spirits are strong.

The list of the animals pictured are – the kangaroo, emu, fruit bat, catfish, turtle, rainbow serpent, goanna, ring-tail possum, koala, platypus, fish, oyster, eel, pipi and blue gum tree. All set amidst a unique ash-red ochre colour. Typical of Robert’s style.

Robert was a landmark indigenous artist. A self-taught artist, he was an acknowledged pioneered the “modern indigenous art movement”, that first sprang up in the late 1960‘s. A founding member of the Redfern School Of Art – Australia’s first indigenous art school, opened in 1973.

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