WDDM – Jigsaw Puzzle



The didgeridoo, Australia’s own unique musical instrument, was devised by the Creation Ancestors as a tool for humans to communicate with the spirits. The sound of the didgeridoo is the voice of spirits of creation, and its player is the link between worldly life and the spiritual realm. Thus he was held in the highest regard within the aboriginal tribal structure. This artwork is a celebration of this revered Dreamtime tradition.


The essential message of this artwork is that the didgeridoo is more than a musical instrument, it is a communication device. It speaks directly with the Creation Ancestors that exist inside all living things. The artwork portrays a “gathering” of animals of all characters. Their Creation Ancestors, appearing as ‘ties’ inside the player and all living creatures, draws them towards the sound of the didgeridoo. Campbell using his signature bright, vibrant acyrllic paints to emphasise the positive connection between all living things and our Ancestors. When all things live in harmony the reality of life is always bright. The original artwork is owned by the Regional Galleries Association of Queensland, and currently hangs in the Queensland State Art Gallery in Brisbane, QLD.

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