WNBG – Jigsaw Puzzle



Bahloo, the Moon God, was lonely high up in the empty sky, so he decided to visit Earth. This narrative artwork tells of an episode in his adventures. It is a story of the value of forgiveness and mercy, even towards a god that is greatly feared.


In the Dreamtime . . . Baiame had made the hills, valleys, streams and rivers. The bare plains that extended over the horizon paid tribute to Bahloo the Moon God, who serenely sailed across the night sky. In Bahloo’s journey he would bring changes to the weather. He brought winter, summer, autumn and spring to his people. When happy, he would bring good weather for all his tribal people across the land. But if he was angered he would bring bushfires, droughts and monsoons. One day Bahloo became very ill. He summoned two elders to his cave. They followed the footprints to the cave and Bahloo was there. They could not see him, but they could hear his voice. He told the elders of the ‘seasons’ and the signs to look for as seasons change. First there will be summer. It will be hot during this time, which will bring monsoons and floods. This time of the year will be called the ‘wet season’. After this comes autumn, a time where the leaves fall to the ground. Birds lose feathers, the grass stops growing and things that are green will turn brown. Then comes winter, which is the time of cold. During the cold times the gods flee to warmer places and there is less rain coming from their battles in the sky. It is a time to seek shelter for your people, as the animals also seeks escape from the cold. Look for the red sky in this season, for it forewarns of great cold. The end of the cold means the coming of spring, where life returns from its slumber and everything is beautiful again. The birds will sing and dance and give birth to their young. Spring is the season that the flowers blossum in vibrant colour.