WPLM – Jigsaw Puzzle



An enigmatic animate…

Australia’s platypus.

A monotreme with only one companion: the echidna.

Both suckle their young, both lay eggs.  the only two animals to do so in the world.  In Life Stream a Platypus comes face-to-face with a yabby, both in shock they stare startled in to each other’s eyes.  Escaping the scene we see a long-necked fresh water turtle and a kingfisher dives in unaware of the scene below.

“I swim amongst yabbies and turtles and fish

I know who I am and that I evoke fascination

I have a beak and fur and lay eggs

A freak of the collective imagination

I feed my young milk and have a pouch

I have one cousin, we are similar creatures

She is spiky though and likes to eat ants

Echidna shares my unusual features

In ancient times I was a part of the Mega Fauna

My ancestors were as big as a croc

It was a time when giants roamed the Earth

Now I’m small it’s only yabbies I shock

Platypus…. what a name

It’s unique and very Australian

It suits me down pat because I am me

Yet I’m as cute as a cuddly mammalian

There are only two of us in our exclusive group

The attributes we share are rather extreme

Not marsupial, amphibian, mammal or reptile

We are what they call a monotreme.”

(c)Breakaway Art p/l

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